guests arriving rhino lodge ngorongoro crater safari
Guests arriving at the lodge

There are 24 guest rooms, all with verandah overlooking a stretch of high montane forest. Each room has its own shower, toilet and hand basin.

To keep away the cold each room has a wood-burning stove, and hot water bottles can be filled if you want one.

room rhino lodge accommodation
Maasai inspired rooms with forest views
A buffalo herd outside the room
A buffalo herd outside the room

In the bar/dining-room there are two large fires which are a natural focus where our guests like to meet and exchange stories of the day.

Dining room at Rhino Lodge safari lodge ngorongoro
Dining room during dinner

Hot, tasty food is available from the buffet. And after dinner our Maasai staff may entertain you with some traditional dancing.

guests sunset rhino lodge
Guests enjoying a drink during sunset
Maasai entertaining guest with a dance rhino lodge
Maasai entertaining guest with a traditional dance